Celebrate Legacy Journal Club

That little $9 journal membership that helps build legacy and a stronger connection with yourself, loved ones AND future generations.

Why Journal?

Course Creation & Hosting

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Student Management

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Sales & Marketing

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Okay, which one is you?

Actually, it doesn't matter. Because we are about to change the whole game together, baby.

You see, I actually get butterflies when I talk about journaling and legacy building. And I'm here to 
untangle the email marketing knot for you once and for all with The Celebrate Legacy Journal Club -- a monthly writing challenge membership that turns your subscribers into customers through consistent and relevant journal writing.

Whether you
make money or not in your business right now, with this membership, journaling is about to be your #1 personal growth tool and memory keeper.

annual Passholder Bonuses

 As a Passholder inside The Journal Club, you get access to the membership for a year for $108.  
PLUS ALL digital products I have (or will create) AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.


Honor the loved ones we miss and gain support in ways that help us feel safe and feel seen with these ON DEMAND presentations by grief experts 

($77 value)

Learn from 20+ Trailblazers, Activists and Professionals as we Celebrate Black History by inspiring   and empowering black families to build legacy 

($47 VALUE)

An online course that walks your child through everything they need to know about letter writing and the social skills acquired when having a pen pal.

New TRAININGS/events ($500+ VALUE)

Upcoming for 2023: Free Journal Tutorials, access to the Celebrate Level ALL-ACCESS Pass for upcoming Retreats, Group Programs, and more!


Meet the Founder of Celebrate Legacy

Joi Renique

Life Story Coach and Founder of Celebrate Legacy

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(takes deep breath)

Okay. So The Celebrate Legacy Journal Club is $9/month, right?  

As a $9/month member, you get access to
- a themed writing challenge once a month w/digital journal pages that compliment each topic
- live community chat once a month - quarterly guest expert trainings
- foundation trainings: Legacy Building + Journaling Is A Habit  

BUT IF YOU BUY A YEAR OF THE JOURNAL CLUB (aka, become a Passholder) for $108.  

You also get access to all my digital products outside of the membership, including any I create while you're a Passholder.  

These include:  

The Gone Too Soon Retreat ($97)
The Black History Year Retrat ($47)
Pen Pal Palooza ($39)
and more!  

Think of it like Costco. You pay a yearly membership fee and you get access to inside the store. Except in my store, everything comes with that $108 price tag. No more check outs.

Like I mentioned a few sections above, journaling changed my life completely. When I realized there was a wealth of knowledge right at my fingertips? I could no longer take each day for granted.

I know not everyone is going to feel enlightened like I did initially. But we can all agree that tomorrow isn't promised and... So I ran the numbers for my business and set the lowest price I could for profit. Then I packed as much value into the offer (The Journal Club) as possible so you can't help but say "shoot, why not?"

So basically it's $108, not because there's nothing of substance inside, but because I know journaling seems outdated for a lot of folks and can be a hard sell in the digital world we now live in.

So I want to make it an easy one for both of us. Boom. $108.

Inside you'll find foundational trainings if you just need help to get started, monthly challenges if figuring what to write about is your biggest issue, and even planner templates and tutorials with writing techniques for when you're ready to take legacy building to the next level.

ALSO WORTH MENTIONING: This membership will allow me to retire from my 9-5 completely and double down on The Journal Club. Building programs for and serving those who say yes to The Journal Club will be my top priority. I don't want to fill my days with "busy" work and I feel so at home when I am supporting people with making the most out of life and connecting with people in other generations. I dream of spending my days on making this membership magic for you.

So here's the deal. When I started my blog back in 2016, I didn't even have internet on my phone. I had to drive around stealing internet from the library + Lowe's parking lots to get my email list up and running.

I couldn't listen to the traditional "tell stories" and "build funnels" advice out there. I had to create my own way of doing things.

One that kept it simple as hell. And one that only took about 20 minutes a week.

And that's what you'll get in this membership. In fact, The Journal Club was designed for someone who hates email. But at the same time, knows that it's a money maker they need to learn. I want you to get your newsletter out the door.

I want you to learn how email works. I want you to master turning new subscribers into customers.

And that's what I hand-deliver you every.single.week with the templates and video walkthroughs.

For real. I take the time to develop the strategy. I show you how to adjust based on your needs. And I write every email mad-libs style so you can take and make it your own every single week.

And if that's not enough, to really make sure you get what you need...

You also get a live q+a once a month for personalized feedback, a new member orientation, quarterly marketing experts, and all my foundational trainings.

With as little stress and as much support as possible.

Oprah once shared a powerful conversation she had with her mentor, Maya Angelou. Oprah told Maya that she believed her legacy was the school she built in Africa, to which, Maya responded, “You don’t know your legacy.”
Maya continues, “Your legacy is not one thing - it’s not the big thing you think you’re going to do… Your legacy is every life you’ve touched.”

So the takeaway here is this. Legacy always inspires more than you planned for, reaches further than you thought it would, and impacts deeper and greater than yoy estimated it would. Focus on finding value in the experiences you have had (or are having) AND WRITING ABOUT IT... let legacy worry about itself.

When I realized that my aunt had so much wisdom . That's why was born and where The Journal Club comes in to create templates that actually freaking work for your niche.

Whether you sell physical products, are a service-based business, own an actual brick-n-mortar, artist selling paintings, whatever!

In fact, there's a video right here on the sales page that breaks this down and shows you an example.

You can also email me at [email protected] and I'll send you a sample challenge. That way you can decide for yourself if it will work.

The writing challenges are all themed and include legacy driven prompts created by both a baby boomer and millenial to help bridge any generational gaps.

Being able to write and reflect

I don't care what kind of business you are in and how much money you are making right now, if you want to make more sales, drive repeat business, and not be at the mercy of paid advertising, then email is for you, baby.

I know it may seem complicated.
I know selling in the DMs is getting you fast results right now.
I know you've got a lot of balls in the air.

But I also know that if you can write, you can journal.

And journaling is going to take you from where you are right now, to where you want to be.

That's why The Celebrate Legacy Journal Club exists. Let us support you every step of the way.

No worries. I got you on this one, too.

When you join, go directly to the List Building Training. It's 90 minutes long and will give you a dozen plus ideas for list building that don't involve ads. THEN head over to the Random Stuff section of the site and there's a welcome sequence just waiting for you to implement for those new leads that will come your way.

BOOM. You're off to the races.

My turn to ask a question...

Ready to finally make sense of email, get your newsletter out every week, and create cashflow from your subscribers?

Then let's do it! Sign up for just $9/month, baby!

Membership Pricing

Not sure yet? Want me to send you some (reminder 😉) emails about this?

You will also receive my sporadic, super valuable newsletter type emails about all things journaling, including products and services I think you might like. You can unsubscribe any time. I will protect your details in accordance with my Privacy Policy. (click link in footer)