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Are you interested in journaling to build legacy but don't know where to start? Celebrate Legacy offers a collection of freebies for you to get started.

Let loved ones re-live some of your experiences first hand, even after you are no longer able to tell the stories yourself with our legacy driven prompts!

Celebrate Legacy is a journal for life's experiences to share with loved ones and future generations. Let us help you capture memories in real time!

Celebrate Legacy has online retreats and communities that create a safe space to share your stories, struggles, and triumphs while learning from experts. 

Learn and play together! Celebrate Legacy offers courses, games and events that promote inter-generational bonding!

Find us on your FAVORITE platform! We are commited to meeting you where you are. So, if you already love a certain site, we've got you covered!

We hope you love these offers as much as we do! Note: Celebrate Legacy only promotes products and services that we personally use, trust and believe in.

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Product Catalog and Gift Guide


Celebrate Legacy is a journal for life's experiences to share with loved ones and future generations.

Email and postal mail
bond with loved ones
Benefits to your brain

Bond with loved ones, record special memories and build your journal with themed prompt pages, accessories and activities mailed to your home!

Private membership site
that includes online resources and community chat

Printed Journal Prompts 
that match the monthly
writing challenge theme

Family activities to build
a connection with someone
of a different generation

Monthly Virtual Journal
Club Meeting (LIVE Sessions 
and unlimited replays)

Meet The Founder

Joi Renique

Life Story Coach

I am from Miami, Florida, USA and have worked as a social worker since I graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Psychology. My many titles include wife, mother, writer and community liaison.

 After conducting an interview with my grandmother's sister, I was inspired to create a way for people to connect, teach and learn from their loved ones.

I (a millenial) then started working with my grandfather's sister (a baby boomer, and retired teacher) to create thought provoking questions that can bridge the generational divide we often face when sharing and comparing stories from our past.

Connect with a network that encourages documenting your life's story in a fun & interactive way, with all the support you need to be successful.

Free digital products and services

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Create or maintain a healthy journaling habit with our Instagram story prompts and Facebook writing challenges! 

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In Print

Celebrate Legacy empowers you to record personal details of your life in real time. 

Journal Club

This Is Us Prompt Pack

Legacy Prompt Pack

Family Expert Prompts

Group Coaching

An online guided experience, usually a one- to two-month commitment, that helps you to go in depth on specific journal topics. You will benefit from the support and accountability of others whom you can relate to and share this personal journey.

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Virtual Retreats

February 2023

Activities and Traning

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Journal Resources

Parenting Resources

Grief Resources

BIPOC Resources


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