Gone Too Soon Retreat ON DEMAND

To honor the loved ones we miss and gain support in ways that help us feel safe and feel seen.

Grieving is hard, and it's even harder when it feels like...

What if it was possible to...

The Gone Too Soon Retreat is where you can honor the loved ones you miss and gain support in ways that help you feel safe and feel seen.

Why should you get the Gone Too Soon Retreat ON DEMAND?

Save Time
And Energy

Instead of searching
the internet for useful information, get everything you need in one place.  

BENEFIT 2: Overcome
Grief Brain

Have a clear path for processing your grief
and take action
on what you've learned.

Get The Support
You Need

Learn from 20+
grief professionals and
connect with other grievers
on the journey to heal.  

The Legacy Level ALL-ACCESS Pass is worth OVER $2000 but you can GET IT FOR $147 TODAY ONLY.


No Shortage
Of Memories

Joi Renique, Life Story Coach

The Hidden Cost
Of Grief

Erica & Sharon, Specialists

How To Overcome Seasonal Grief

Loryn Denise, Podcast Host

And Loss

John Polo, Coach & Author

Safe Conversations When Grieving

Geneva Livingstone, Coach

How Your Brain Affects Grief

Naomi Yano, Psychotherapist

Grief And

Oceana Sawyer, Death Doula

The Urban Myth
Of Grief Stages

Dr. Michele Mariscal

Grief And

Dr. Michelle Peticolas

Curating Grief, Capturing Memories

Charlene Lam, Grief Curator

Epigenetics: How Grief Impacts DNA

Christopher Adell

How Grief
Impact Introverts

Katie Rossler, LPC

She Was More
Than Her Death

Diana Hernandez Wayne


Judy Thureson

Relief Vs.

Kelli Nielsen, Grief Guru

Processing Grief At Different Life Stages

Eleanor Ward, Coach

If you add up the value of every one of the presenters and their time, then consider what they charge to teach their best strategies, you'd easily be looking at paying thousands of dollars.

Here's what you get with
the  Gone Too Soon Retreat ON DEMAND


with grief specialists sharon & erica

Private membership

Watch or listen to
retreat presentations "Netflix/Podcast style" on your own time! When you can, where you want and however many times you need to! Not to mention access to all of the speakers together in one place for you to learn from, and reference back to over and over again.


A printable PDF file with presentation notes, action steps and worksheets to help you to honor your loved one and heal! If you add a Celebrate Legacy Journal to your order, we'll print the workbook out for FREE! Personalize your Celebrate Legacy journal with the ability to add and remove pages.

celebrate legacy journal club

with life story coach joi renique

To make Gone Too Soon ON DEMAND more accessible we are offering the course at two levels but honestly... The value of the Legacy Level Program is more than doubled with EITHER of these bonuses,
but they are BOTH yours for FREE when you upgrade today.



Lorrian Lake

Grief looks different for us all! This program helped me to see that but it also helped me to look at grief differently! I’m so grateful to have been a part of such an amazing platform filled with so many expert speakers who spoke on grief from many different angles. I’ve never seen anything like this and the world needs this more! 

D. Liberal

I will forever recommend this platform and events to many people. It's needed on a world level. Thank you for bringing such amazing speakers on board and creating such a great experience even during the toughest time for some. 

Margo Rose

I was coming to support the more recent grievers, since my own losses were many years ago now. Turns out, a decade or more later is a perfect time to revisit painful topics in a fresh and more empowered way. This retreat and everyone's devotion to helping one another is incredibly touching and uplifting. No one needs to go through a hard time alone!

Frequently Asked Questions

In September 2022, Celebrate Legacy hosted a 5 day online event meant to honor the loved ones we miss and gain support in ways that help us feel safe and feel seen. Over 20 professionals (both mental health service providers and/or grief specialists) created short actionable presentations to help with processing grief and get you further along the journey of healing and recovery.

The ON-DEMAND Feature gives you unlimited access to the 2022 Retreat presentations, Q&A Session Replays and other resources provided by the speakers, as well as a workbook. We are certain you are going to want to watch many of the presentations over and over again!

With both Celebrate and Legacy Levels of the Gone Too Soon Retreat ON DEMAND, you get lifetime access to all of the presentations, a workbook with presentation notes and activities, and access to the Celebrate Legacy Journal Club which can help you document your journey through grief and create a clear path to recovery. The Celebrate Level Course is valued at over $1000.

While the Celebrate Level is set as a DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY) Course, Legacy Level is set up as a DONE-WITH-YOU (DWY) Program with our virtual Grief Guide, GG, sending emails to guide you through the program and invite you to our weekly Discussion Panels.

The Legacy Level Program provides ongoing support which includes weekly zoom sessions for 10+ weeks, and a private community to discuss important themes. BONUS: Legacy Level also includes an ALL-ACCESS Pass to the Life After Loss Virtual Retreat which takes place September 18-20, 2023! The overall value for the Legacy Level Program is more than double the value of the Celebrate Level Course. 

As soon as you purchase, you can access all of the presentations instantly!  You'll be able to log in immediately and get familiar with the course settings.  

The Grief Gude runs on a schedule with the first LIVE session beginning on June 7, 2023, and will continue every Wednesday until our next event: The Life After Loss Virtual Retreat. With the Legacy Level Program, all sessions will be recorded, so if you are unable to make it to the LIVE stream or start the program after June 7th, you can watch at your leisure and still engage with the private community.

The Gone Too Soon Retreat workbook comes as a printable PDF file. When you add a Celebrate Legacy Journal to you order, we print the workbook for you for FREE.  *BONUS: With access to the Celebrate Legacy Journal Club, you'll be able to learn ways to build legacy while processing your grief!

Due to the digital nature of the products included in the Gone Too Soon Retreat and the fact that it contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses, refunds are not available. Please look through all of the details before you purchase. 

  • Most popular
    Legacy Level Program
  • $92 USD

    Done With You (DWY)
  • 20+ Presentations + Q&A Replays ($997 Value)
  • Printable PDF Workbook ($297 Vaule)
  • Celebrate Legacy Journal Club ($108/Year)
  • 12 LIVE Discussions with Expert Panel ($997 Value)
  • Virtual Companion and Guide ($397 Value)
  • Life After Loss Retreat Pass ($97 Value)

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