Pen Pal Palooza

Writing and receiving handwritten letters improves reading and writing skills.

You want your child to LOVE Literacy... But how??

Contrary to popular belief...
Kids that LOVE to read and write
DO NOT Grow on Trees

Do you struggle to balance your child's reading activities with other responsibilities and social development?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the abundance of distractions, such as screens and digital entertainment, that hinder your child's learning potential?

Are you unsure how to effectively handle resistance or disinterest from your child when it comes to strengthening their literacy skills?


A pen pal is a friend made and kept through correspondence.



- Writing letters to a pen pal involves expressing thoughts, sharing experiences, and asking questions. 

- Receiving letters from a pen pal strengthens reading and comprehension skills.

- This process enhances your child's writing ability, grammar, and vocabulary.

- Exchanging letters with a pen pal also boosts your child's overall academic performance.


- Children learn to communicate effectively and articulate their ideas in a coherent manner.

- Through exchanging letters, your child gains exposure to different cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives

- This exposure helps them to develop a broader understanding of the world and appreciate diverse ways of life

- Having a pen pal is a friendship-building process that cultivates empathy, active listening, patience, and responsibility.

Here's what we offer

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($20 VALUE)

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A step-by-step guide that teaches your child everything they need to know about letter writing and having a Pen Pal 


Reading list, Storybook read-a-longs and a YouTube playlist with popular cartoon episodes


Connect with other parents in our Facebook community and/or our private membership site


All of our templates fit the Celebrate Legacy Journal which can also store the letters your child receives


A kit mailed directly to your home with everything your child needs to get started


During the Summer, Celebrate Legacy will pair your child with a Pen Pal who is a member of another generation or a peer that lives in a different region

You can purchase the course and start the process on your own
OR You can get EVERYTHING for just $122 $97

* Pen Pal Palooza requires parental involvement, especially as letters are written and exchanged. The program is intended for you as a parent to engage with your child by using the resources as conversation starters, follow up with your child's progress by asking questions, and provide guidance while making your child's Pen Pal Palooza experience enjoyable. Celebrate Legacy assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of the letters being exchanged or a lapse in correspondence. If matched, we will ensure your child receives correspondence from a pen pal.

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Hi, I'm Joi Renique

Life Story Coach and Founder of Celebrate Legacy

I am the creator of Celebrate Legacy - a journal for life’s experiences to share with loved ones and future generations.  

I became a mom in 2013, and have four children - Brian, Reina, Legend and Amora!  In my career I have been both the Director of an Afterschool Program as well as a Juvenile Probation Officer.

When the world shut down in 2020, it was important for me to find fun and interactive ways for my children to stay connected with their peers and continue learning.

My kids have always been excited to check the mail - especially when there was something inside that had their name on it! This is what inspired PEN PAL PALOOZA!

Frequently Asked Questions

A pen pal is a person who you get to know by exchanging letters. A pen pal relationship is often used to practice reading and writing, to learn more about other cultures and lifestyles, and to make friends. With Pen Pal Palooza, your child will improve both literacy and social skills by writing and receiving letters via postal mail.

The Pen Pal Palooza Course is designed to engage children ages 5-12. However, their pen pal can be a person of any age.

The Pen Pal Palooza Course is designed as a standalone educational resource focused on teaching your child everything they need to know about having a pen pal in a fun and creative way.

During the Summer months, Celebrate Legacy finds and matches children with a pen pal through our Pen Pal Partner Program. Children are partnered with seniors or another child in a similar grade level. Pen Pals are randomly assigned. 

We offer a bundle deal that includes: The Pen Pal Palooza Course, a Pen Pal Partner, a Pen Pal Pack and a Celebrate Legacy Journal.

* Please note: The Pen Pal Partner Program is separate from the Pen Pal Palooza Course and involves an additional cost. 

The Pen Pal Palooza Course has lessons that provide children with guidance and examples regarding privacy, safety and security.

We highly recommend that parents read the letters their children have written before they are mailed. We also advise parents to have their child read the letters aloud when they are received or while in your presence.

Letters can be exchange in the following ways:
     1) Children can share their address with their partner and have letters delivered directly to their home via U.S. Postal Services.  
     2) Children who are partnered with seniors can mail their letters to the Celebrate Legacy P.O. Box and we will exchange letters with the Senior Living Community on your child's behalf.
     3) If you prefer not to exchange your actual address, parents can sign up for a mail subscription service to receive mail at a remote location (a link to suggested services is provided within the course). 

The course is primarily self-paced, allowing children to progress through the material at their own speed. In the course, your child will learn when it's best to send their letters and how to be a great pen pal by writing back regularly. This will ensure your child keeps the fun going with their new friend!

During the summer months, there is an optional four-week schedule available for those interested in the Pen Pal Partner Program. This structured timeline facilitates the exchange of letters once a week.

Celebrate Legacy provides support for parents through our vibrant Facebook community, where parents can connect with others facing similar challenges, offering a space for peer support, advice, and shared experiences to enhance their child's pen pal journey.

Through the Pen Pal Palooza Program, there are opportunities to troubleshoot any issues with correspondence. 

Yes, absolutely! We encourage participants to nurture and maintain their connections with their pen pals even after the program ends, fostering long-lasting friendships and ongoing communication beyond the initial program.

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