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A list of EVERY freebie, service, product and training offered by Celebrate Legacy!

Are you interested in journaling to build legacy but don't know where to start? Celebrate Legacy offers a collection of freebies to jumpstart your journey.

Let loved ones re-live some of your experiences first hand - even after you are no longer able to tell the stories yourself with our legacy driven writing prompts!

Celebrate Legacy is a journal for life's experiences to share with loved ones and future generations. Capture memories in real time with our premium products!

Celebrate Legacy has online retreats and communities that create a safe space to share your stories, struggles, and triumphs while learning from experts. 

Learn from our Life Story Coach! Celebrate Legacy courses include a private community in the New Zenler App as an alternative to Social Media.

Find us on your FAVORITE platform! Celebrate Legacy is commited to meeting where you are. So, if you already frequent a certain site, we've got you covered!

We hope you love these offers as much as we do! Note: Celebrate Legacy only promotes products and services that we personally use, trust, and believe in.

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Product Catalog and Gift Guide


Celebrate Legacy is a journal for life's experiences to share with loved ones and future generations.

Removable page feature

Convenient and customizable (40 blank pages: blank, lined, grid)

Email and postal mail

Legacy driven prompts are available both on and offline

PU LEatHer

Vegan, durable and eco-friendly

better Bonds

Build emotional intelligence and communication skills


Improves memory and activates your whole brain

Benefits to your brain

 Increases  cognitive processing

Join the Celebrate Legacy Journal Club!

Bond with loved ones, record special memories and build your journal with themed prompt pages, accessories and activities mailed to your home!

Private membership site that includes online resources and community chat

Printed Journal Prompts that match the monthly writing challenge theme

Family activities to build a connection with someone of a different generation

Monthly Virtual Journal Club Meeting
(LIVE Sessions and Unlimited Replays)

Meet The Founder

Joi Renique

Life Story Coach

I am from Miami, Florida, USA and have worked as a social worker since I graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in psychology. My many titles include wife, mother, writer and community liaison.

 After conducting an interview with my grandmother's sister, I was inspired to create a way for people to connect, teach and learn from their loved ones.

I (a millenial) then started working with my grandfathers sister (a baby boomer, and retired teacher) to create thought provoking questions that can bridge the generational divide we often face when sharing and comparing stories from our past.

Celebrate Legacy is a journal for life's exeriences to share with loved ones and future generations.

Visit us at WWW.CELEBRATELEGACY.NET to connect with a network that encourages documenting your life's story in a fun & interactive way, with all the support you need to be successful. 

Free digital products and services

Sign up for our newsletter and get legacy driven journal prompts sent straight to your inbox weekly. Plus be the first to hear about upcoming events and product updates.

Whether you're just starting out or looking for new ideas, our monthly writing challenges will help you explore your thoughts and emotions in a meaningful way.

Build a healthy journal habit with our Instagram story prompts! Every day a new prompt is posted to inspire creativity,
self-reflection, and personal growth. 

Top Tips and Benefits

Discover the top tips and benefits of journaling with our expert advice. Learn how journaling can help reduce stress, increase self-awareness, and promote personal growth. Our tips cover everything from getting started with journaling to finding the right format and prompts for your unique needs. Whether you're a seasoned journaler or just starting out, our tips and insights will help you get the most out of your practice. Explore the benefits of journaling today and start experiencing the positive impact it can have on your life.

Journal Inserts
and Planner Pages

Using your journal as a planner is a great way to help you identify patterns and aid you in making connections between your daily activities and long-term goals. It helps you to stay focused and motivated so nothing important falls through the cracks. There are soooo many benefits that come with the act of physically writing things down like that satisfying feeling you get when checking off everything on your to-do list which also boosts your sense of accomplishment. Talk about a WIN/WIN!


Celebrate Legacy understands that grief is a personal and unique experience that can be challenging to navigate, especially on your own. That's why we've created a safe space for individuals to come together and share their stories, struggles, and triumphs. Our community features insightful speakers, interactive discussions, and activities designed to help you process your grief in a healthy and supportive way. We invite you to join us and be part of a community that understands and supports you during this difficult time - no matter who it is or what you've lost.

Pen Pal Templates

Pen Pal Palooza is an online course that walks your child through everything they need to know about letter writing. Get four FREE templates to help guide your child on how to write a letter AND as a bonus we've even included how to address the envelope as well!

The complete online course includes: A step-by-step tutorial covering do's and don'ts, a YouTube Playlist with popular cartoons and books that are all about having a pen pal and the opportunity to sign your child up to have a pen pal.

Legacy Driven Writing Prompts

Get legacy driven journal prompts emailed weekly. Plus be the first to hear about events and product updates!

Create or maintain a healthy journaling habit with our Instagram story prompts and monthly writing challenges! 

Order one of the Celebrate Legacy Prompt Packs to get our pages delivered right to your doorstep!

In Print

Celebrate Legacy empowers you to record personal details of your life in real time. 

Journal Club

This Is Us Prompt Pack

Legacy Prompt Pack

Family Expert Prompts

Group Coaching (Seasonal)

An online guided experience, usually a one- to two-month commitment, that helps you to go in depth on specific journal topics. You will benefit from the support and accountability of others whom you can relate to and share this personal journey.

Journals and Accessories

Journal without limitation with prompts that inspire conversations that don't always come up naturally. We encourage families to store the Celebrate Legacy Journal in plain sight so close friends and relatives can access them easily. With the ability to add and remove pages, the possibilities are endless!


Answer one question in a sitting, or find a comfortable setting to answer even more!
 Go in order or jump to your favorite topics. Store private pages separately and share the rest!


Family Expert


With the ability to add an remove pages, the possibilities are endless!

Planner Pages

Refill Pages

Zipper Pouch

Photo Pockets

Virtual Retreats

Training Programs

Social Media

Journal Resources

Parenting Resources

Grief Resources

BIPOC Resources


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This collaboration gives a unique platform of healing for those previously silenced by abuse and empowers them to use their voices as they journey from victims to victors.